Estate Planning
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Do you know what happens to your children  if something happens to you? Do you know who receives your estate is sometime happens to you?

Do you want to name your beneficiaries or do you want the government to have that right?

At Justice 4 All, we can prepare your documents so that you are in charge, not someone else.

We serve a wide range of clientele, and every client relationship is valued greatly. Whether you are single or married, you should have an estate plan. Estate plans include trusts, wills, powers of attorney for financial matters, and health care directives.


Q- What if I don't have a will when I die -- what happens to my estate?

A- If someone dies with or without a will, their estate must go through a court process called probate to determine what happens to the estate. The way to avoid that is to have your assets in a living trust.

Q- Do I need an attorney to prepare an estate plan or will or trust?

A- No. Legal document assistants are able to prepare those documents for you at your specific direction.

Q- Why would I use a legal document assistant instead of an attorney?

A- It can be more cost-effective and affordable to use a legal document assistant.

Q- Do you prepare the same documents an attorney would prepare for estate planning?

A- Not only do we prepare the same documents, we provide a few more tools and resources to help you become organized with all your necessary documents in case someone else has to manage your affairs.

Call 619-593-9700 for a free office visit regarding your Estate Planning needs.